What are these new charges on my tenant ledger... $10.50...$4.5? I even see double charges!

This article is meant to help you better understand the charges on your account and how to make them disappear in future months.

Required Renter's Insurance

Your lease requires you to carry renter's insurance with landlord liability coverage. You are being charged because you either have not uploaded a qualifying renter's insurance policy or there is a problem with what you uploaded. 

Common Mistakes 

  • Roommates not uploading individual policies with each tenant being named on the policy.
  • Both spouses are not included on the policy that has been uploaded.
  • Both spouses have not uploaded the policy individually into the portal.
  • A co-signer is not categorized correctly in our system.

Grace Period & Double Charges

When we input your lease into our system, we give you a few weeks to upload the required documents so you can avoid these charges. However, if you miss the grace period, the costs are not pro-rated for the month of move-in (see document below). We are charged the full month's cost by the insurance company to insure the landlord is covered for the full period.  

Because of this, you will likely see double charges in the second month of occupancy if you have not uploaded the appropriate renter's insurance policy into the tenant portal. One set of charges is for your first month of living in the home and the second set of charges is for month two.

Video describing how to avoid these charges

How to upload your policy into the tenant portal.

Instruction for uploading your policy

Required insurance addendum in your lease agreement or lease renewal.

insuranc addendum.jpg



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