Common Special Circumstance Requests

Credit Score or Income:

We understand and empathize with those that struggle with credit scores that don't meet our minimum requirements (615) and/or combined gross income that is less than 3x rent. As a 3rd party property manager, our client landlords expect us to adhere to a strict policy regarding credit and income requirements. Therefore, we do not make exceptions if any adult applying to rent one of our homes has credit below 615 or combined income less than 3x the monthly rent.


Our standard lease listings include information about whether or not our clients allow pets or not. Many of our clients are willing to consider pets on a case by case bases. First, we suggest reviewing our Rental Criteria to see if you meet all other requirements.  In addition, here is a link to our pet policy.

Section 8:

We do not accept Section 8 applications. 

Quick Move-In:

As a 3rd party property manager, in addition to verifying an applicants' current employment and rental history, we must also get approval from our Client Landlord before we can give a formal approval. Our normal screening process will take 3-4 full business days (Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm) assuming the applicants' employer and current landlord respond promptly to our verification requests and our client landlord provides approval within that time frame. We will be unable to meet any requests for a faster timeframe.

No Social Security Number:

As a 3rd party property manager, our client landlords expect that we perform an in depth screening of each applicant. In general, a social security number is required to apply for one of our rental properties. The exception to this rule is for an EXPAT that works for a large corporation that we can verify information with independently. If you or your client is an EXPAT, please click below.

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