Self Showing Overview Kit for Property Owners


Tenant Turner Overview for Property Owners

Tenant Turner is the most recommended tenant lead scheduling software and was selected NARPM Affiliate of the Year. Tenant Turner offers a competitive advantage by making the viewing process easy, online, and nearly instantaneous, resulting in fewer days on market. 

Key features include: 

  • 24/7 availability for leads to get in touch. Property managers use Tenant Turner to provide instant responses to all tenant leads emails and phone calls, no matter the time day or night. 

  • Rental scam detection and prevention. Tenant Turner has access to a global database of scammer data, processes dozens of data points about the prospective tenant, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make real-time, judgement-based decisions.

  • Automatic, transparent reporting for owners and staff. As an owner, you receive weekly reports detailing the number of qualified leads who inquired and how many viewings took place. You will also see first-hand feedback from leads about what they thought of the rental after their viewing, empowering you to make updates and improvements that could help your rentals lease even faster. 

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Owner Report Example

Sent each week with leasing metrics and feedback collected from tenant leads.


Self-Access Overview

Providing a licensed Realtor, prospective tenant, or maintenance vendor access to your vacant rentals when they need it is an effective way to get your rentals leased quickly. This is called self-access, and when done using electronic lockboxes and one-time use codes, it is both quick and secure.

How does self-access work?

Property managers use Tenant Turner to qualify prospective tenants against the leasing restrictions of your rental and also to authorize access for Realtors and their maintenance vendors. All access is monitored, and the team is notified each time an authorized person arrives at your rental and requests an access code.

Only those who have been pre-qualified or pre-approved for entry into your rental are given an access code that can be used only on time, on the day for which it was generated.

SentriGuard: real estate electronic lockbox
  • Realtors can use a Realtor-only link provided through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that allows them to easily schedule a showing without having to call and coordinate a time.

  • Trusted maintenance vendors are selected by property management staff and allowed to self-access your rentals without the need to come to the office and pick up a key. Individual authorized users are easily removed.

  • Prospective tenants can schedule self-access to your vacant rentals after they have provided verifiable contact information, qualified against the leasing restrictions we set with you (e.g. pet policy, income requirements, etc.), and provided a copy of their government issued ID.

Self Showing Statistics

Self showings have been used for decades by property managers to make the showing process more efficient. It started with key checkouts from the office and evolved into using contractor lockboxes with a shared access code. While they saved time, those solutions were still limiting and not secure. Then came electronic lockboxes and smart locks that could be used with technology to facilitate safer self showings. 

By using electronic lockboxes with the Tenant Turner software, property managers can offer prospective tenants secure, self showing viewings 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While leasing agents are off for holidays, lockboxes allow your homes to still be seen! Tenant leads can easily pick the day and time of their choosing-- on the way to work on a Monday morning before the property management office opens, or even on Saturday night while the property management office is closed.

  • 38% of self showing viewings occur outside of normal business hours

  • 19% of self showing viewings occur on Saturdays

  • 31% more showings per listing with self showing compared to in-person showings

Insurance for Self-shown Properties

Of course, self showings do not come without some inherent risk. Though rare, if an item were to be stolen from the vacant home or if there was any damage, the homeowners insurance policy would cover those costs. To further protect yourself against tenant related risks, we recommend SureVestor -- smart insurance for the rental home investor. They offer financial protection against all kinds of tenant-related risks that lead to loss of income for landlords and property managers, including but not limited to, loss or damage due to the use of electronic lockboxes. 

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