How to Become a Vendor with Green Residential Property Management


If you wish to become a vendor for Green Residential Property Management, specific steps and documents are required. Follow the instructions below to start the process.

Required Documents and Information

If this is your first time working with Green Residential, please email the following information to

  1. W-9: A completed W-9 form for tax identification.
  2. Certificate of Insurance: Proof of your business insurance naming Green Residential as additionally insured.
  3. Bank Routing Number: For payment transactions.
  4. Bank Account Number: Also required for payment transactions.
  5. Billing Address: Where invoices should be sent.
  6. Best Email for Work Orders: The email where work orders will be sent.
  7. Best Contact Number: A phone number to reach your office for urgent matters.

Next Steps

Upon receipt and verification of the required documents, we will notify you about the next steps to become an approved vendor.

For any queries, reach out to

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