Your New Appliance Delivery: A Quick Guide

Receiving a new appliance soon? Here's your quick guide to a smooth delivery process:

1. Stay Informed

  • Notification: You'll get details about the appliance and delivery date soon.
  • Services: Learn about the available delivery services — installation and old appliance removal/relocation.

2. Keep in Touch

  • Contact: The retailer will reach out to you via the phone number provided during purchase, offering updates close to the delivery date.

3. Inspection Day

  • Check Details: Verify the appliance details (brand, color, type) upon arrival.
  • Inspect: Quickly check for any visible damages before accepting delivery.

4. Issues? Here’s What to Do

  • Refuse: If there are discrepancies, refuse the delivery.
  • Document: Take pictures of any issues.
  • Inform Us: Email us the pictures and text the details to the provided number within 24 hours.


For any concerns, reach out to us at Let's ensure your new appliance enhances your home comfortably!

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