Vendor Portal Guide 

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Getting Started with Vendor Porta

Set up your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to access your payment preferences in the Vendor Portal. You'll be prompted to set up two-step verification in the following ways:

  1. Company Profile: You can enable 2FA by completing your Company Profile.

  2. Select your payment preference: Once 2FA is enabled, you can choose from three payment methods.

How to Sign In

Vendor Portal offers three methods for signing in to your account:

  1. View the Work Order Email: When assigned new work, you'll receive an email notification. Click the button in the email to sign in.

  2. Request an Access Link: Visit, enter your email address (if you have an existing Vendor Portal account), and you'll receive an email with a sign-in button.

  3. Use a Password: Visit, click "More Sign-In Options," and sign in with your email and password if you created an account before October 2019 or set a new password.

Using an Access Link

  1. Go to

  2. Enter the email address associated with your Vendor Portal Account (contact your property manager for the correct email).

  3. Click the "Send Access Link" button.

  4. Check your email inbox for an email titled "Request to Access Account - Vendor Portal by AppFolio."

  5. Click the first link in the email to sign in.

Receiving Work

Once you have a Vendor Portal account, newly assigned work from AppFolio property managers will automatically appear in your Vendor Portal, and you'll also receive an email notification.

Accept or Decline Work

When you receive a new job in Vendor Portal, you may need to:

  • Accept: Tells your customer that you'll take the job, allowing you to view the work order in Vendor Portal.

  • Decline: Informs your customer that you cannot take the job. This hides the work order in Vendor Portal, and your customer receives an email notification of your decline.

How to Find Work Orders

You can find work orders using these methods:

  • Search Bar: Use the search bar to enter the work order number or property address, and click on the results to access the Details Page of the job.

  • Work Orders (Index) Page: This page displays all jobs assigned to you by AppFolio management companies. You can use filters to narrow down the work orders visible, including filtering by Property Manager or Status.

Work Order Groups

On the Work Orders page, work orders are categorized into three groups based on the job stage:

  • Estimates: Jobs requiring estimates.

  • In Progress: Assigned work orders that you haven't completed.

  • Completed: Work orders marked as completed and awaiting payment.

Work Order Statuses

Statuses indicate the job's stage and are represented by color-coded badges:

In the "Estimates" Group:

  • Needs Estimate: You need to submit an estimate.
  • Estimated: The customer needs to review your estimate.

In the "In Progress" Group:

  • On Hold: Verify job availability.
  • Accept/Reject: Accept or reject the job.
  • Available: You are ready to work.
  • Scheduled: The job is scheduled.

In the "Completed" Group:

  • Needs Invoice: Submit an invoice.
  • Under Review: The customer is reviewing your invoice.
  • Payment Pending: The customer approved your invoice.
  • Payment Sent: The customer sent your payment.
  • Closed: The job was completed without payment.

I've Been Assigned, Now What?

Navigate to the Details Page by clicking on a work order. Here, you'll find all job-related details. You can also download a PDF of the work order by clicking "Download PDF" at the top of the Details Page.


For maintenance requests from tenants, you can schedule jobs according to their availability. Notify the tenant and customer, and send a reminder 24 hours before the scheduled time. If tenants haven't provided availability, you can schedule and enter information in the "Schedule" block.

Sending an Invoice

To send an invoice, click "Invoices" at the bottom of a work order. You can upload an existing invoice or create a new one with billable items, including descriptions, quantities, and rates.

Editing an Invoice

You can make changes to an invoice by clicking "edit" or using the 3 dots (Kebab) icon.

Adding a Note

You can provide messages and photos about the job by clicking the "Notes" button at the bottom of a work order. You can also edit notes.

Work Done

After completing the job, click "Work Done" to change the status to Under Review or Needs Invoice (if no invoice is added).


If selected by property managers, you can submit estimated costs for jobs in the "Estimates" Work Order Group. If approved, it moves to the "In Progress" group.

Account Settings

Access your settings by clicking your company's name at the top right corner of your screen.

Contact Information

View and edit contact information in the "Contact Information" block.

Insurance Expiration Dates

View your insurance information and expiration dates in the "Expiration Dates" block.

Bookmarking Vendor Portal

To bookmark Vendor Portal:


  1. Sign in to Vendor Portal.
  2. Bookmark

Android Phone:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the "Add Vendor Portal to Home screen" banner.

Apple iPhone:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the "Share" icon in the bottom toolbar.
  3. Click "Add to Home Screen."
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