Appfolio Vendor Portal - Account Login Assistance

Dear Vendor,

Encountering issues while logging into the Vendor Portal? We're here to help you get back on track. Here’s a guide to addressing common login issues:

Are You a Vendor?

  • Vendors: You should have access to the Vendor Portal if you have received work orders from a client using AppFolio Property Manager.
  • Click here to be sent vendor portal access link

Work Order Assignments and Access

  • New to Vendor Portal? You gain access through a work order assignment which includes a Vendor Portal link sent to your email.
  • Not Assigned Yet? If you haven't been assigned to a work order, you won't have access until a current Vendor Portal user invites you.
  • Company Assignments: If a colleague has access, they can invite you through the "Invite User" option in the settings page of the Vendor Portal.

Correct Email Address for Login

  • Email Address Issues: Ensure you're using the email address registered with your property management client for logging in.
  • Uncertain About the Right Email?
    • Solution 1: Use the email address your client assigned for work orders to log in. Add alternative email addresses in the settings after login.
    • Solution 2: Request your client to update the email address they have on file for you. Remember, a new work order link is necessary after an email update.

Still Can't Log In?

If you have confirmed the above details and still face issues:

  • Contact Support: Reach out to detailing:
    • A brief summary of the encountered issue
    • Names of property management clients you work with via Vendor Portal
    • Your preferred email address for Vendor Portal login

We are here to assist you and ensure a smooth experience on the Vendor Portal.

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