How to Manage Documents and Insurance Details in Your Tenant Portal

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Managing your rental documents and insurance details is a breeze with the tenant portal offered through Appfolio. The portal centralizes important documents and policy details, allowing you to access everything in one secure location. Here's how you can manage various aspects efficiently:

Viewing or Downloading Shared Documents

Whenever your property manager shares a document with you, you will receive an email notification. To access these documents:

  1. Navigate to the Portal: Log in to your online portal.
  2. Access Shared Documents: Click on the "Shared Documents" tab to view or download the documents shared with you.

Accessing Your Lease Documents

Your lease documents are crucial and refer to them may be necessary. Access them easily through the portal by:

  1. Going to Property Details: Select "Property Details" from the menu on the left.
  2. Viewing or Downloading: Find your online lease documents here to view or download as needed.

Uploading Proof of Renters Insurance

Ensure your rental unit is protected by providing the necessary insurance details:

  1. Visit the Insurance Tab: Go to the "Insurance" tab in the portal.
  2. Uploading Insurance Details: Find the "Upload Renters Insurance Policy" block to enter your insurance provider, policy number, and expiration date. Upload a copy of your proof of insurance and click "Submit Policy Information."

Purchasing Renters Insurance

If enabled by your property management company, you can even purchase renters insurance directly through the portal:

  1. Go to the Home Tab: Navigate to the "Home" tab.
  2. Purchase Insurance: Click on "Purchase Renters Insurance" to get an estimate and proceed with the purchase if you wish.

Reviewing Your Renters Insurance Policy

Keeping track of your policy details is straightforward with the portal:

  1. Access Insurance Tab: Head to the "Insurance" tab to view or update your renter's insurance policy details.

Checking Liability to Landlord Insurance Coverage

If your unit is covered under the Liability to Landlord Insurance, you can view the details as follows:

  1. Property Details Tab: Go to the "Property Details" tab.
  2. View Coverage Summary: Find and click on the "Notice of Liability to Landlord Insurance" link to view the summary of your coverage.

By utilizing these features in the Appfolio tenant portal, you can manage vital documents and insurance details with ease, ensuring a smooth and organized rental experience.

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