FAQ: Requesting Multiple Quotes for Non-Major Repairs


Can I ask for several price quotes for repairs that are under $2,500?


Absolutely, we appreciate your interest in maintaining a balance between cost and quality when it comes to repairs.

Typically, for repairs anticipated to cost less than $2,500, we don't procure multiple quotes, as it can considerably delay the repair process, potentially exacerbating the issue or causing inconvenience to the tenant. Moreover, we have built strong relationships with our existing vendors, who prioritize our service requests due to the consistent volume of business we bring to them, ensuring quicker and quality service for both the landlords and the tenants.

To offer more customization and comfort in this process, we actively encourage landlords to share their preferred vendor contacts with us at the initiation of our partnership. This way, we can directly reach out to vendors you already trust and are familiar with for any relevant repairs, streamlining the process and respecting your preferences.

Keep in mind, obtaining multiple quotes can increase our operational workload. For the extra effort and time this takes, we reserve the right to impose a service fee to cover these additional administrative efforts.

We remain dedicated to acting in the best interests of all involved parties, and we greatly appreciate your understanding and collaboration in this matter.

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