Tenant Move-Out Guide

Forwarding Address

To update your forwarding address, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your tenant portal.
  2. Click “Contact us”, then “Give Notice to Vacate”.
  3. Provide your move-out date and forwarding address.

Electronic Security Deposit Return

Ensure all tenants responsible for financial matters have activated their tenant portal and entered their bank account details. Specify the bank account for security deposit returns while giving notice to vacate. If the E-Check option is not selected, a check will be issued to all tenants on the lease.

Security Deposit Reconciliation Process

The homeowner will determine any deductions from the security deposit following your move-out inspection. Expect your security deposit, after deductions, to be dispatched within 30 days post your lease end date, provided you have supplied the necessary information.

Move-Out Walk-Through

The walk-through will be unaccompanied and occur after the official end of your lease. You are required to inspect your home (via RentCheck app) after it has been emptied and cleaned. Failure to comply could result in a fine. Ensure to complete the following steps for your inspection:

1. Download the RentCheck App

Download the RentCheck App using the link sent to your email and follow the instructions to complete the self-inspection.

2. Conduct the Inspection

On the move-out date, you will receive a link to the inspection. Complete the self-directed home inspection promptly to facilitate the next steps.

Last Month’s Rent

Your last month's rent must be paid in full, irrespective of your actual vacate date. Non-compliance will incur a charge of thrice the due amount and referral to a collections service. Note that your security deposit cannot be used to cover the last month's rent.

Tenant Portal Auto Payment

Cancel any auto payment setup in your tenant portal to avoid unnecessary deductions and potential delays in refunds. Access the portal here: Tenant Portal.

Lease Agreement Requirements

Review paragraph 26 of your lease agreement or the final addendum for specific move-out obligations, including:

  • Professional deep cleaning and carpet cleaning.
  • Lawn care.
  • Changing light bulbs and air filters.
  • Restrictions on paint touch-ups.

Failure to adhere to the stipulations may incur additional charges.

Returning Keys, Remotes, and Passes

All keys, remotes, and passes must be returned to our office within 3 days of your lease ending. Avoid locking interior deadbolts and ensure keyless deadbolts remain unlocked. Note that holding on to these items post your lease period will result in daily prorated rent charges at thrice the regular rate.

Important Note

Ensure all obligations are met before the end of your lease. The 3-day window for returning keys does not authorize continued property access. Non-compliance will result in penalties.

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