Vendor Payment Timelines


In the realm of third-party residential property management, the timing of vendor payments is a critical aspect that ensures the smooth execution of repair and maintenance tasks. As a property owner working with a management company, you might have questions regarding the specifics of vendor payments. This article addresses our policy on the timing of vendor payments, including circumstances when deposits are necessary.

Vendor Payment Policy

Our general policy is to remit payment to vendors upon completion of the approved work. This approach is designed to ensure that the work meets the stipulated standards and satisfies both the property owner and the management company's expectations before the vendors are compensated for their services.

Payment Upon Completion

In most instances, vendors receive their payment after they have successfully completed the agreed-upon tasks. This not only guarantees that the job is done to the required standards but also fosters a sense of accountability and dedication to quality service delivery.

Deposits: An Exception to the Rule

While payment upon completion is our standard procedure, there are instances where a deposit is required before work can commence. These are generally situations involving substantial labor or materials cost upfront. If a deposit is necessary, it will be clearly outlined in the vendor’s quote, providing a transparent view of the anticipated financial commitments.

Securing Funds in Advance

As a third-party property manager, we operate on a policy that necessitates securing funds in advance before contracting with the vendor on behalf of the property owner. This not only facilitates a smoother operation but also ensures that the vendors are assured of their payment, thereby attracting high-quality and reliable vendors.

When a deposit is required, we contact the property owner to secure the necessary funds before formalizing the agreement with the vendor. This proactive approach is geared towards fostering a transparent and trustful relationship with property owners while ensuring that projects are not delayed due to financial constraints.


Understanding the dynamics of vendor payments is crucial in fostering a harmonious working relationship in property management. Our policy, which largely revolves around payment upon completion of work with provisions for upfront deposits in specific circumstances, is structured to promote transparency, efficiency, and satisfaction for all parties involved.

As we navigate the specifics of each project, our commitment remains steadfast in maintaining clear communication lines and executing decisions that serve the best interest of property owners. Should you have any inquiries regarding our payment policies or any other aspect of our services, feel free to reach out to our team.

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