Repair and Maintenance Staffing


As a third-party residential property management company operating off-site, it is our duty to answer vital questions pertaining to the repair and maintenance of the properties we manage. A common query relates to whether we use contractors or in-house employees for maintenance tasks. This article outlines our contractor-centric approach and the added provision of working with owner’s preferred vendors and home warranty claims, giving you a transparent view of our services.

Repair and Maintenance: Our Contractor-Centric Approach

Our strategy is to primarily engage contractors rather than in-house employees to conduct repair and maintenance works. This approach ensures that we can deploy skilled specialists for specific tasks, thereby providing high-quality and cost-efficient services.

Benefits of Utilizing Contractors

Utilizing contractors comes with several advantages including:

  • Specialized Expertise: Contractors often hold specialized skills, which ensures top-notch work.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Leveraging contractor services assists in keeping operational costs manageable.
  • Flexibility: Contractors offer agility in addressing maintenance issues promptly.

Working with Owner's Preferred Vendors

We respect and value the preferences of property owners. If you have vendors with whom you’ve built a trustful relationship and wish to continue utilizing their services, we facilitate this seamlessly.

Guidelines for Vendor Integration

To integrate your preferred vendors in our operations, we request you to provide the following details at the beginning of our relationship:

  • Vendor Details: Complete contact information and an overview of the services they offer.
  • Credentials: Assurance that they are licensed and insured, maintaining the standard of service and reducing liabilities.
  • Performance History: Past performance data or feedback on their services, if available.

Home Warranty Claims Coordination

Understanding that some owners have home warranties, we offer assistance in filing and following up on home warranty claims. For this added service, we charge a home warranty coordinating fee to cover the additional time and effort required in liaising with home warranty companies.

How it Works

If you have a home warranty, we can undertake the responsibility of filing the claim on your behalf, ensuring that all necessary follow-ups are handled promptly and professionally, alleviating you of the stress and time associated with this process.


We are committed to offering you a collaborative and efficient property management service, merging the expertise of our contractor network with your vendor preferences and facilitating home warranty claims. Should you have any queries or preferences to discuss, feel free to reach out as we begin this collaborative journey in property management.

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