FAQ: Policy on Advancing Funds for Property Repairs and Maintenance


Will you advance funds for me for a repair or maintenance job?


We understand that there may be significant repairs or maintenance jobs, such as replacing an HVAC system, that can incur substantial costs. While we strive to facilitate a smooth process for both owners and tenants, our policy dictates that we cannot advance funds on behalf of property owners for any repairs or maintenance work.

However, to ensure that the necessary works are not delayed and are carried out promptly, we require the funds to be available in advance before we contract the vendors on behalf of the owners. This is to guarantee that we can settle the payments with our vendors immediately upon the completion of the work, thereby maintaining strong and positive relationships with them through prompt payment.

We strongly recommend owners to make provisions for such contingencies to ensure a prompt response to maintenance and repair requests, which not only helps in preserving the value of the property but also adheres to the rental agreement stipulations regarding property maintenance and repairs.

For any further clarification or assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to support you in managing your property efficiently.

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