Monthly Accounting Statements – When and How You'll Receive Them


When will I receive my monthly accounting statement?


You will receive your monthly accounting statement in an electronic format, which comprehensively details all the income and expenses accrued during that specific reporting period. Moreover, it includes electronic copies of any invoices incurred over the span of that period.

Here is the process broken down step by step:

  1. Monthly Update: Every month, a detailed statement is generated that encapsulates all financial activities pertaining to your property.

  2. Portal Upload: This statement is then uploaded to your personalized owner's portal for easy and secure access.

  3. Email Notification: Simultaneously, an automated email notification is sent to you, informing you that the statement has been posted.

  4. Historical Reports: Not just the recent update, but all historical reports remain accessible in the portal, providing you a seamless way to track and manage your property's financial health over time.

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