Understanding Eviction Service Fees and Process in Texas


Navigating the complex waters of tenant eviction necessitates a meticulous approach guided by a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape. Our dedicated eviction services in Texas are crafted to steer you seamlessly through this process, ensuring peace of mind and legal compliance. Below, we detail our fee structure and delineate the eviction process for our esteemed clients in Houston and Austin.

Eviction Service Fees

Our eviction services come at a straightforward and competitive fee structure, aiding our clients in retaining their peace of mind during potentially strenuous times. Here is a breakdown of our charges:

  • Houston Management Clients: A service fee of $499 plus court costs.
  • Austin Management Clients: The same fee structure of $499 plus court costs is applicable.

Court Costs

It is essential to note that court costs are a variable entity and would depend on a range of factors including, but not limited to, the complexity of the case, attorney fees, and other administrative charges. We recommend preparing for this potential variability in costs to ensure a smooth process.

Eviction Process in Texas

While the eviction process can be intricate, our experienced team handles it meticulously, adhering to the legal frameworks governing tenant eviction in Texas. Here is a general outline of the process:

  1. Notice to Vacate: Before initiating an eviction suit, a notice to vacate is served to the tenant, giving them a legal timeframe to remedy the breach or vacate the premises.

  2. Filing of Eviction Suit: In case the tenant fails to comply with the notice, the next step involves filing an eviction suit in the justice court.

  3. Court Proceedings: Following the filing, a hearing date is set where both parties can present their cases. We represent property owners throughout the court proceedings to ensure their interests are protected.

  4. Judgement and Possession: If the court rules in favor of the eviction, a judgment is passed, allowing the landlord to regain possession of the property through a legal channel.

  5. Writ of Possession: In certain cases, a writ of possession is obtained to facilitate the removal of the tenant and their belongings under the supervision of a constable or sheriff.


While evictions are undoubtedly stressful, our structured eviction service, coupled with a clear fee structure, aims to ease the burden for property owners in Houston and Austin. Lean on our expertise to navigate through the Texas eviction process efficiently and legally. Feel free to explore further details of our eviction services and reach out to us with any queries.

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