Leveraging Technology for Hassle-Free Home Maintenance with Green Residential

At Green Residential, we consistently work towards developing solutions to streamline home maintenance, providing our clients with a set-and-forget system that ensures their property remains in optimum condition throughout the year. Our technology-driven approach enables homeowners to schedule regular maintenance services with ease and confidence. Here, we outline how you can leverage our system for effortless property maintenance:

Scheduling Periodic Maintenance Requests in Advance

You can proactively manage the health of your home by scheduling maintenance services well in advance. Click here to access the form that allows you to arrange for monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual maintenance checks. This tool facilitates planned upkeep, helping you avoid unexpected issues and maintain the value of your property.

Indefinite Maintenance Requests

Once set up, your periodic maintenance requests remain active indefinitely, providing peace of mind that your property is continually looked after without needing to remember to schedule each service.

Cancellation Made Easy

We understand that circumstances change, and you may need to cancel a service. Should this be the case, you can simply send an email to support@greenresidential.com to cancel any existing maintenance requests seamlessly, without going through complicated processes.

Transparent Billing

For all periodic maintenance services availed, you will be billed the actual cost of the service with no hidden charges, ensuring transparency and trust in our services.

Our Recommendation: Bi-Annual or Annual HVAC Maintenance

We find that the most commonly requested and beneficial service for our clients is the bi-annual or annual HVAC maintenance. Regular HVAC checkups ensure that the system runs efficiently, enhancing the comfort of the inhabitants while preventing costly breakdowns in the future.


At Green Residential, we are committed to leveraging technology to simplify home maintenance for our clients. Our innovative solution allows for a seamless, automated approach to property upkeep, where you can “set it and forget it,” assured that your home will receive the care it needs.

For any queries or further assistance on utilizing our technology for your property maintenance, feel free to reach out to the dedicated team at Green Residential.

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