Easy Rent Payment Options at Green Residential

As a Green Residential tenant, it's essential to know your rent payment options outlined in your lease agreement. Here, we break down the simple steps to ensure you can pay your rent seamlessly and on time.

Check Your Lease

Refer to your lease agreement to identify the approved payment methods for your rent.

Online Payments

If your lease supports electronic payments, utilize the Tenant Portal for quick and secure transactions. Haven't set up your account yet? Request an activation link by emailing support@greenresidential.com.

Traditional Payment Methods

If allowed by your lease, you can pay your rent via check, cashier's check, or money order. Remember to send it to our office address within the specified time frame in your lease.

First Month and Security Deposit

How to pay first month's rent and security deposit.


Green Residential aims to make your rent payment process straightforward and hassle-free. Refer to your tenant portal for more information and assistance.

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