Vacant Home Property Management for Absentee Owners

Enjoy Peace Of Mind While You Live Abroad or Travel. We offer vacant home property management services for extended homeowner absences. If you’re an expat temporarily living out of the country or headed out on a long vacation, use Green Residential to regularly check up on your property, manage bills, and ensure the home you love is ready for you when you return.

Basic Monthly Service

Under our basic monthly service, we will manage the following tasks while you are away from your home:


  • Landscaping invoices
  • Pool service invoices
  • Utility bills (water, gas, electric, cable, alarm, internet, etc…)
  • House cleaner invoices

Provide You Access To

  • Monthly accounting statements
  • Electronic copy of invoices associated with monthly accounting statements
  • Electronic copy of inspection reports
  • Make electronic contributions to
    Green Residential


  • Property Inspections
  • Periodic HVAC inspection/service by licensed HVAC tech
  • Plumbing inspections/service by a licensed plumber
  • Required maintenance/repairs you request
  • Periodic house cleaning
  • Requested emergency repairs


We understand how highly residential owners value their property, so we make sure to show their homes the same amount of consideration and care they would themselves. Green’s thorough property inspection service is just one way we excel. Our basic inspections includes:

Inspect The Exterior

  • Collect flyers or other items left at the door of the home
  • Inspect for landscaping deficiencies
  • Inspect grounds for trash or debris
  • Visually inspect windows and doors for deficiencies

Inspect The Plumbing

  • Inspect faucets (turn on and off)
  • Inspect gas and verify that appliances are off
  • Inspect and verify water valve is off to washing machines or dishwashers

Inspect The Interior

  • Visually inspect doors and windows for deficiencies
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries if beeping
  • Visually inspect for signs of water leaks

Inspect The HVAC System

  • Inspect and replace the air conditioning/ furnace filter(s)
  • Inspect the thermostat to be sure that it is set at the desired temperature

Check Mailbox

  • Check mail with scan and email option
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