What property management services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive residential property management services, including leasing, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance coordination, financial reporting, and eviction handling.

Green Residential One 

Throughout your relationship with us, a dedicated Property Manager will be your single point of contact, ensuring professionalism and timely communication.

Our Team

Green Residential has been managing single-family homes in Houston, TX since 2011 and currently manages over 1,500+ homes. We have a proven reputation of excellence with our clients and an expert team of over 30 people to provide superior service. The Green family is known for our strong family culture and the way we leverage technology to enhance our client and tenant experience.

Best In Class Service Highlights

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Green Residential One
Dedicated Property Manager as your Single Point of Contact.

Digital ID Fraud Mitigation
We use best-in-class real-time Anti Fraud biometrics technology to reduce identification fraud. AI based facial recognition validates applicants by comparing government picture ID against live video capture.

Digital Bank Account Analytics
Applicants connect digitally to their bank to provide a full picture of their financial health.

Digital Background Check
This includes detailed views of an applicant’s credit score, criminal history, eviction history, and more.

Heating & Air Conditioning System Repairs can be costly. Replacing your system’s air filters prevents unnecessary damage.  We will regularly send new air filters to your tenants.

PetScreening is the industry's first and leading solution for screening pets. Their proprietary algorithm processes all the data from prospects and issues a risk based rating for each pet. In addition, they have an Assistance Animal review team that determines if an animal meets governmental qualifications for Assistance Animals.

Rental Listing Exposure


Rental Rate Market Analysis

We offer many years of experience in the Greater Houston & Austin real estate market and will gladly provide you with a Free Analysis of what your home will rent for at no cost or obligation.

Make Ready Recommendations

One of our house rental professionals will be happy to meet with you and make recommendations before your house is listed for lease.

Tenant Screening

We secure high quality tenants by leveraging technology: Digital ID Fraud Mitigation, Digital Bank Account Analytics, Digital Background Checks, and more.

Rent Collection & Distribution

Our web based technology allows us to collect rent from tenants electronically and distribute rent electronically to owners at no additional charge to either party. We assess late fees and send notices when a tenant fails to pay rent on time. 

Monthly Accounting Statements

Every month owners receive an electronic accounting statement, which includes a copy of any repair/maintenance invoice paid during the previous month. 

24 Hour Support Line

We monitor a 24 hour support line during non-business hours to ensure that tenant emergencies are promptly responded to in order to provide excellent customer service to our tenants and ensure our Owner's property is protected.

Property Inspections

We provide informal residential inspection services for our management clients. Inspections include interior and exterior photographs as well as documentation for any observable problems. Our service includes an inspection before a tenant moves into a home and after a tenant moves out of a home. Inspections while a home is occupied by tenants is performed upon the owner's request.

Repair & Maintenance Coordination

We provide clients with dependable, quality repair & maintenance services that can be trusted. Our administrators and contractors are the best in their category whom we have worked with for years. We understand how highly residential owners value their property, so we make sure to show their homes the amount of consideration and care they would themselves. Our prompt repair & maintenance program is one of the ways we excel. Click here to read more information about our repair & maintenance services.

Eviction Services

Click here for more details. 

Security Deposit Reconciliation

When a tenant moves out of a home, we will document the condition of the home and identify any damage beyond normal wear and tear. We will obtain quotes for necessary repairs and make appropriate deductions from the tenant's security deposit. We will provide the tenant with a security deposit reconciliation when applicable.

Year-End Accounting

At the end of the year, we will provide each owner with a 12 month cash flow statement as well as a 1099 for tax purposes.
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