Live Update on Home Availability

In a bid to aid your search for the perfect home, we have streamlined the process of checking the availability of our listed properties. Stay ahead with our live tool that updates you on the status of the majority of our listings.

Step 1: Check Our Live Site for Current Listings

Access real-time information on the listings managed by our Leasing Team by visiting our live site for current listing availability.

Here you will find details on:

  • Available properties ready to be leased
  • Properties with pending applications
  • Recently leased properties

Make your search efficient and seamless with this tool that covers most inquiries we receive daily.

Step 2: Contact Our Agents for Specific Listings

If the property you are interested in is not featured on our live site, we have dedicated agents to assist you. Get in touch with our agents directly to inquire about the availability of their listings:

Tiffany Ferdus

Rental Listings: HAR Listings
Call: 832-242-9323

Marc McAllister

Rental Listings: HAR Listings
Text: 832-367-9809

Jacqueline Grover

Rental Listings: Austin area listings
Text: 713-906-3708


To ensure you get a prompt response, kindly mention the specific property you are inquiring about in your communication with our agents.
Check back frequently as our listings are updated regularly to provide you with the most current information.

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