How to Install a Moen Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet 1080p

Questions covered in this video:

  1. What are the initial steps to install a Moen single handle pull-down sprayer kitchen faucet?
  2. How do I properly align the black plastic gasket during installation?
  3. What is the purpose of the mounting bracket and how is it installed?
  4. How do I attach the pull-down hose to the faucet?
  5. What is the correct way to attach the spray head to the pull-down hose?
  6. How do I secure the pull-down hose to the faucet assembly?
  7. Where should the weight be placed on the pull-down hose?
  8. How do I connect the dishwasher hose to the hot water shut-off valve?
  9. How tight should the connections be for the hot and cold water supply lines?
  10. How do I check for leaks after completing the installation?
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