How do electrical circuit breakers work and where are they located?

Questions about Electrical Circuit Breakers covered in this video:

  1. Where are the electrical circuit breakers commonly located in a house?
  2. How do I turn off the power to the entire house using the breaker panel?
  3. What is the importance of labeling the breakers?
  4. How can I identify if a standard breaker is on or off?
  5. What is a two-pole breaker and what appliances usually require it?
  6. What is an AFCI breaker and what does it do?
  7. How do I test the functionality of an AFCI breaker?
  8. What is a GFCI outlet and where are they commonly found?
  9. How do I identify a tripped breaker?
  10. How do I reset a tripped breaker?
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